New Mens Skin Care Range-Mr.

A new mens range called Mr. has hit our shelves this week and we’re very excited about it. Whilst there are still many male “closet” skin care users, I mean, really are they going to admit to their mates they’re buffing and scrubbing their faces? I think not, but believe me they do it. We already have a very high number of men purchasing from us and also a lot of females who purchase for their partners. The mens skin care market is a growing market and its about time they started using their products and not nicking ours off the bathroom shelf and besides their skin is different to ours-its thicker and tends to be slightly oilier so they need to be using products that are made for their skin.

Mr. is an Australian made and owned skin care range specifically formulated for the needs of men, derived from natural Australian plants which caters to the demands of skin due to life downunder.

For hundreds of years the Australian Aborigines have used the antimicrobial and healing properties of native plants such as Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Myrtle, lavender, Ivy, Witch-Hazel, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil. As a result early Australian Settlers quickly realised the benefits of using plant extracts as a barrier to protect their own skin from the severe environment.

Today extensive research has successfully confirmed the remarkable properties of native Australian plants in protecting and replenishing damaged skin.

The packaging of the range is super stylish, masculine and barely looks like like a skin care product which I think its its appeal. The range comprises products for the Face, Body, Shaving and ingrown hair prevention and is all very reasonably priced.


MR. Skin Care for Men



  1. Thank you for giving due notice to aboriginal use of these amazing plants. I also was not aware of lemon myrtle in Australia. Good to also have a male perspective on skin care.

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