Alpha-H Liquid Gold Radiance targeting pigmentation

Cursed with pigmentation, age spots and sun damaged skin? Me too and so I’m dying to try Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold Radiance. The serum has just been launched and promises clearer and brighter skin by targeting the source of pigmentation in the deeper layers of the skin.

Recommended for: uneven skintone and complexions, sun damaged and pre-maturely aging skins, skin affected by age spots, melasma and chloasma. It comes in an easy to use drop dispenser and is recommended to use this serum 3-4 drops nightly and apply all over the skin avoiding the eye area.  Always remember that your number one anti-pigmentation defence is a sunblock and should be applied every day, rain or shine.


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Radiance



One comment

  1. I Love the Alpha H liquid gold solution so I am really looking forward to trying the serum out my skin feels n looks dantastic after usin the solution so Im really excited about the serum .

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