Kosmea Rescue Body Cream

This stuff is truly miraculous!  From time to time the skin on my hands ends up like sandpaper and I’ve tried lots of creams to combat the problem.  Sometimes I’ve just used whatever was lying around at home and sometimes I’ve gone out and specifically bought some type of “intensive” hand cream, all to no avail.  However, after using the Rescue Body Cream on my hands for around three days, I was suitably impressed with the condition of my hands.  This stuff really works.  My hands were smooth as silk and that awful feeling when your fingers catch on fabric was gone. Admittedly, I did use it each time I washed my hands (which is a lot for me) but after around three days, I didn’t need to use it again.  I do have some knowledge of natural ingredients and I can see why this product is so effective.  Grape Seed Oil is one of the ingredients used in this product and from what I have read, Grape Seed Oil and Grape Seed Extract are being used with amazing results for treating everything from gum disease to autism.  The organic Rosehip Oil gives it a pleasant smell and offers its own therapeutic benefits.  Both of these in a base of organic Shea Butter make for an impressive all natural product that really works!  Sorry if I sound like an advertisement but after trying many “all natural” and “organic” products that have cost the earth, I wanted to let other disappointed organic skincare users out there know that this product wont let you down!  I’m about to buy some of their other products too, so I’ll keep you posted.




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